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英国伦敦学院大学(UCL)建筑学硕士,广州美术学院客座副教授。曾于英国扎哈-哈迪德建筑师事务所(Zaha Hadid Architects)任职建筑设计师十余年,参与广州大剧院、香港理工大学创新楼、长沙梅溪湖国际文化艺术中心等多个国内大型标志性建筑项目的设计和施工。自2015年创立事务所“玳山建筑设计”,继续建筑、室内、城市更新改造等设计探索,同时作为装置艺术家开启跨界创作实践,作品曾于深圳城市\建筑双年展以及广东时代美术馆、方所等艺术空间展出。

Jason is a visiting associate professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He received his Master of Architecture from University College London. Jason had worked for Zaha Hadid Architects as lead designer for more than a decade and participated in many landmark projects in China, such as the Guangzhou Opera House, the Meixi Lake International Culture Art Center, the Innovation Tower of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Since founding Turtlehill Architecture and Design in 2015, he has continued to explore design in the field of architecture, interior, and urban revitalization. He actively engaged in cross-disciplinary creation as an installation artist and his works were exhibited at the Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Guangdong Times Museum, and Guangdong Fangsuo Bookstore.

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